A Letter to the Populace Regarding Recent Actions of the Board of Directors

Greetings All,

As you may have seen in a recent EK Gazette article, we have found the sanction process as administered by the Board of Directors in some recent cases to be troubling.

From our perspective, the BoD’s actions in these sanction proceedings appear to be inappropriate.  We must first clearly state that the BoD is charged with safeguarding our corporation, and is therefore constrained by laws focused on protecting member privacy. It is our belief that they could provide more information than they have.  This being the case, the only relevant documentation that we have access to has been provided by the sanctioned individuals, and as such may contain their biases.

For this reason, we have joined our names to petitions to impeach the following BoD members: Director Denise Hundley (Countess Denise Duvalier, OP), Director Lisa May (Countess Margaret ni Conner), Vice Chairman/Director Mark Faulcon (Duke Martin Lochner, KSCA) and Director Max Nelson (Baron Maximilian Von Halstern).

We have also sent a letter to the BoD to explain our position in more detail. It may be read in full here…

The BoD’s actions often feel detached from our day-to-day participation, but they do direct the organization, and we would have them know our position on this matter.  If you have a strong position (for or against) on this matter, add your voice in a responsible way. Of equal importance are your everyday interactions with each other, with newcomers, and with officers at all levels. We believe that volunteers are our best resource, and we ask you to keep our Kingdom and Society strong.

In service to the dream,
Edward & Thyra